Monday, 22 July 2013

Arctic poems by Nancy Campbell
- The ONCA Gallery, Brighton -

I was recently in Brighton visiting the ONCA Gallery, where I was happy to find works by Nancy Campbell, who has been writing and posting about the far North for some time.

The ONCA Gallery, at St George's Place. The exhibition currently displayed is called Making Tracks.

I came only for Nancy's works; there were only two, but I was quite happy already for this chance:

The Night Hunter, a 'book' that unfolds in several panels, to be read suspended from above.

More about the book here.

The Suitcase Library

Little poems are written in a green leaf rolled into a jar: irresistible !

Nancy Campbell's poem inside one of them 

"Obituary", on a green rolled 'papyrus'.
What a privilege, in my hand

Visit Nancy's blog



Hello Mário

Thank you for your kind words about my work. It is an honour to appear on your blog.

I hope your post will encourage visitors to the ONCA Gallery. They are doing great work for the environment - both in the polar regions and closer to home.


Mário said...

Yes, I noticed that too, the works exhibited were focused on environment; it's a small but very friendly, quiet, place with beautiful art to contemplate.