Sunday, 20 September 2015

Arvo Pärt, Passacaglia

Arvo Pärt is undoubtfully the greatest composer of our times. He was born is Estonia, in 1935, and works mainly on sacred classical music, in a minimalist style.

Somehow I find him adequated to our purposes here at Ultima Thule: the music of Pärt talks of remoteness and distance, isolation and meditation, but also of discovery and new horizons.

This short Passacaglia is one of his most brilliant musical works; dissonations in a crescendo rythm, like in a breathless ride, away from or to reach something, leave a final feeling of fulfillment.


Anonymous said...

É que fica mesmo muito bem, aqui no Ultima Thule.


Mário Gonçalves said...

Obrigado, e que bom saber que cá vem, humming. Pareceu-me que há muito de procura da longínqua terra prometida em Pärt, e não falo só da saga bíblica, falo sobretudo da uma saga nórdica, escandinava, eslava.

Mister Twister said...

Actually, Stewart Copeland is the greatest composer of our times.

Mário Gonçalves said...

Can't agree with that, sorry.