Friday, 16 April 2010

Café Natur, Tórshavn

I find a particular charm in high latitude cafés, because a café is usually a place of civilization - people making acquaintances, talking, culture happening, mind opening.

The Faröe Islands are not so remote (though remote enough) and in the capital Tórshavn you can find several cafés; Café Natur is the oldest, most charming and best located, overlooking the boats at the old harbour. One easily feels like writing a poem there...

Café Natur was for years the only place to get a beer in Tórshavn. It has grown slightly in size over the years, adding a “mezzanine” level, but is still a tiny and cosy place, down by the Eystaravág (east harbour), close to the viking parliament Tinganes and the old town.

Very popular, with live music every weekend and very lively atmosphere, it can get very crowded.

Coordinates: 62°0′N, 6°46′W

I posted before on Mellageret Kafe, Ny Ålesund‎ (Svalbard Islands).