Friday, 30 December 2016

Yule Time in the Arctic

As last year, a small Ultima Thule collection of Arctic Christmas images in northern locations from East to West.

Christmas lights in Kotzebue, 66º 53' N, Alaska.

Iqaluit, 66º 44' N, Canada.

Sisimiut, 66º 56´ N, West Greenland - Christmas gathering.

Nuuk, 64º 10' N, the capital of Greenland.

Shop window in Longyearbyen, at 78º 22' N, today's northermost, in Svalbard Island. 

Røros, 62º 34' N, Norway.

Trondheim, 63º 25' N, Norway - Yuletime market.

It's difficult to tell the stars from the Christmas lights in Tórshavn, 62º N, Faröe Islands.

Kirovsk, 67º 37' N, Western Arctic Russia - Lenine looking at the Tree.

Novy Urengoy, 66º 05' N, Arctic Siberia.

And now, time for wishing a happy New Year !

Monday, 26 December 2016

A Christmas favourite, by good Queen Judy Collins

One of those unforgetable voices. Hope she has a merry Yule, like you all brave Thuleans.