Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Arctic in Venice:
glace/glass, the art of Bertil Vallien

In Venice, an exhibition of glass works by swedish artist Bertil Vallien is displayed at Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti.

Bertil Vallien's work is inspired by his experiences in the far north, in the glaces and glaciars of the arctic, and among inuit population.

Kayaks, the sacred myths, blue transparences, silence and light, the suspension of space and time...

All this in a venetian palace, looks ruther surreal; but the dialogue with the Murano glass works is rich in contrasts as well as in surprising points of contact.

The exhibition is called 9 Rooms, showing around 60 works in the first floor of the venetian palace.

Some of the works I liked the best:

The pendulum, glass, the tides, eternity...

This is glass - cobalt glass ! Not black, but a deep, deep blue.