Monday, 28 June 2010

The wondrous Arctic Summer nights

Probably one of the best spectacles on earth, a "midnight sun" summer night in an arctic environment can take you all night dreaming awake.

This one is a photo from one of my favorite arctic blogs, Kuummiut, taken recently by Carl Skou, which work I strongly recommend. As I recommend a visit to his present day living area, Tasiilaq and Kuummiut, on Greenland's East Coast, where he can rent you a cabin too. Those two settlements situated in the most incredible landscape, like a small many-coloured cascade of houses down the snowy slope to the sea bay, can be like a surrealistic heaven on earth in the right weather - but under strong winter winds life is really hard, and an arctic night can last months.

Now is probably the best season, some flowers blossom through the ice, the nights are more magic than the Arabian nights, and those settlements are after all equiped with the necessary basic goods. Even icecream if you like.

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