Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Uummannaq, Greenland - an arctic gem facing Canada

A charming inuit settlement in the east cost of Greenland, north of Disko Bay and in front of Canada's Baffin Island, Uummannaq is situated in a magnificent arctic scenery.

The harbour seen as the ferry boat is leaving at low light.

Uummannaq is one the island's northernmost municipalities, surrounded by a majestic and harsh environment of tall mountains, fjords, many glaciers and icebergs, with a rich arctic fauna, particularly fish and sea mammals.

Around 1500 people live in Uummannaq.

Location: 70°40′ N, 52°07′W - 590 km north of the Arctic Circle.

Founded in 1763, the town is a hunting and fishing base, particularly of halibut. The fish are processed in a modern canning factory.

Uummannaq is located on a 12 km2 island at the foot of a large heart-shaped mountain that gave its name:

Uummannaq means, in greenlandic inuit, "The Heart Shaped".

Uummannaq Mountain, rising very sharply to the height of 1170m.
is the most prominent mountain in the Arctic part of the west coast of Greenland.

The mountain is a landmark of Greenland, often reproduced in art.

Dog sledding is one of the main tourist avctivities.

Uummannaq's hotel has a fantastic view over the fjord.

View from the hotel's esplanade

The town center, and the many-coloured houses that add charm to the scenery.

Uummannaq's church

The church isn't very old (1935), but it is an unusual design for Greenland - it was built from local granite.

Close to the church, an old turf house, where the first settlers - mainly whale hunters - lived. It's part of the town's museum, that exhibits also fishing and hunting tools, traditional clothing, old kayaks and oumiaks, photos and charts.

Whaling harpoons at the museum.

Uummannaq Polar Institute

Founded in 2007, it´s an institution that works to conserve Greenland’s local culture and to promote educational programs for young people.

Uummannaq is also home to Uummannaq Music - the world's northernmost music platform on sea ice:

Arctic dancing during the festival.

A presentation of Uummannaq and its music festival: