Sunday, 3 September 2017

Brúgvin um Streymin, a Faroese bridge over the Atlantic

They say this is the one and only bridge over the Atlantic Ocean; well, myself I prefer another one - the famous curved bridge in coastal Norway, part of the scenic Atlantic Ocean Road, but it's just a road section arching over the sea, it doesn't cross the sea from one land to another.

This bridge Brúgvin um Streymin jumps across a narrow ocean straight between two islands of the Faroese archipelago; it does not feel like you're over the ocean, though: the waters of the shallow Sundini Straight are usually quiet, in spite of strong currents.

Brúgvin um Streymin connects the two largest and most populous islands of the Faröe: Streymoy and Eysturoy. Crossing the 40 km long Sundini (Sundini = small Sound) at its narrowest point, it became the only inter-island bridge in the Atlantic Ocean.

220 meters long, Brúgvin um Streymin opened 1973; it's part of national road number 10, running from Tórshavn to Klaksvík, the two largest towns in the archipelago. The bridge has two car lanes and a narrow shared bicycle-foot path.

Two small settlements by the bridge have developped a bit since then, located at crossroads as they came to be: Norðskáli and Oyrarbakki, on Esturoy. Let's start with


Coordinates: 62° 13' N, 07 °00' W
Population: ~ 320

Norðskáli is an ancient settlement from the Middle Ages. The few fields around the village show that there were grounds for only a few settlements in the past.

After 1800, with the population growing, residents also had the opportunity to take care of fishing and trade. Norðskáli came to be central, and laid the foundation for new jobs such as fish factory, foundry and two banks, shopping malls and even a café with dining facilities.

Norðskála Church was opened on 1932. The white barrel of the barrel sits over narrow side ceilings. .

The church ship is a model of a "Verdandi" release that was hanged up in connection with the 75th anniversary of the Church in 2007

Under mild sun and...

under heavy snow.


Oyrarbakki is a village on the east coast of Eysturoy, south of the Brúgvin um Streymin over the Sundini.

Coordinates: 62°12′ N, 06°60' W
Population: ~ 160

This is a recently founded settlement.

Until the middle of the 20th century, there were only a few farms and some fishermen. Many new houses have been built since the bridge was completed, and the village was created to become the home and center of the new municipality of Sunda.

A few grass-roofed houses in the Faroese tradition can be seen at the village.

Boat sheds in Oyrarbakki.

The Sundini Straight

View from Oyrarbakki to the South end of the straight.

Nesvik, on the west side of the Atlantic Streymin.

The Sundini Straight opens to the Atlantic Ocean at both ends; the Northern entrance is quite steep and wild:

Weather and luck can bring fantastic light to the landscape.

Evening mood at Norðskála, with the silhouette of Brúgvin um Streymin on the horizon.