Thursday, 17 December 2015

Red-orange Christmas stars decorate the Greenlandic windows

Greenland celebrates the Holidays with a particular joy: as the polar night reaches its almost 24h long duration, a feast of lights, community singing and gourmet eating is a welcome break. The trees are lightened up, and at the windows shines a star, generally of orange or reddish color, cheering up in the darkness.

The Christmas tree was enlightened at Nuuk in the presence of a small croud. It's a very special happening in the December arctic nights.

At Sisimiut, above the Arctic Circle (66ºN), the whole town was present, some 6000.

There is some degree of competition - who has the most beautifully shinning star ? - even though a unique model is the most commonly found.

Kamgan Ukudigaa                             Happy Holidays
Quyanaghhalek Kuusmemi               Merry Christmas