Monday, 25 November 2013

Stamsund, Lofoten Islands
- cheerful scenery plus a fabulous arctic beach.

Stamsund, in central Lofoten Islands:

Stamsund is a fishing village located on the southern side of Vestvågøy island, along the Vestfjorden, in Norway's Lofoten archipelago.

Coordinates: 68 ° 08' N, 13 °50' E,
                  170 km above de arctic circle

Population  ~ 1400

Stamsund's pier, from 1845

Presently Stamsund is one of the most precious spots on the fabulous Lofoten Islands, offering breathtaking scenery all around and a colourful ambiance thanks to the careful restoration of the wooden rorbuer, the mostly red houses where fishermen lived. Many of these are now cabins to rent for tourists.

Stamsund's  pier is carefully restored.

Stamsund has one of Lofoten's largest fishing ports, and was early an important center in the local fishing and shipping business.

Main products at Stamsund are fresh and frozen parts of cod, saithe and haddock.

The Aker Seafoods factory (now Havfisk) founded in 1876 is one of Norway´s leading producers and exporters of fish products.

The buildings are concentrated on the eastern side of the peninsula, with steep Steinetind mountain behind.

Stamsund has become a popular tourist destination:

The rorbu-hostel of Stamsund, two old fisherman cabins located on the pier, presently under renovation.


Skjærbrygga is the main restaurant and rorbu, the best in Stamsund.

Stamsund is also known for the popular Nordland Figurteateret, an annual international puppet theatre, and two art galleries - Gallery 2 by Scott Thoe and Ulf M's Atelier.

The village center, with Gallery 2 at left.

Outside 'Ulf M' Atelier

Several hundred meters stone quay was built up and Stamsund Harbour - one of the ports where the Hurtigruten Coastal Steamer arrives.

The Hurtigruten Express service stops twice a day at Stamsund's harbour, southbound from Svolvær and northbound from Bodø.

Hurtigruten ship arriving and mooring at Stamsund at twilight.

The midnight sun here is just a whole-night dim clarity.

Samsund by night.

The midnight sun during the summer months and the northern light during the winter months attract a lot of visitors.

Aurora over Haukland beach

Haukland beach

On the north coast of the island is one of the most amazing spots on the Lofoten.

Haukland beach has a superb wild background, two coves framed by a mountain cirque of exceptional beauty.

Amazing white sand, turquoise blue water... more like a tropical lagoon than the shoreline of the Arctic.

The regular Cove of bright white sand under the Sun, the crystal clear waters, the lush green shores, a feast to the senses.

And to complete the picture, in the background a succession of mountains, peaks and steep ridges. Sumptuous.

It's also quite popular in summer, in spite of the freezing water !