Saturday, 20 April 2013

a crossing place right on the Arctic Circle

Itilleq (or Itivdleq) is a settlement in central-western Greenland, located 45 km south of Sisimiut on the shores of Davis Strait, in an archipelago surrounded by steep, alpine mountains.

Itilleq means "crossing place".

Coordinates: 66° 34′ N, 53° 30′ W
(some hundred meters north of the Arctic Circle)

Population  ~120

Itilleq is an Arctic Circle village, situated quite close to the 66° 33′ 44'' magical Northern line.

Itilleq was founded in 1847, and was still an unknown place not long ago. The opening of the Northwest artic sea route and the coastal ferry service bringing tourists had an important impact and changed radically the lifestyle - new school, store and other facilities.

The new school, looking out onto the most stunning fjord view.

The settlement's football playground, a full succes

The Fram cruise ship often calls for a visit to Itilleq

The people in the village mostly live off hunting and fishing, and cruise ships and minicruisers stop by in the summer while groups of heliskiers use the mountains around Itilleq for spectacular backcountry skiing in the deep Spring snow.

Mountains and sea surround this beautiful arctic village.

The typical greenlandic houses, painted in all rainbow colours:



Traditional clothes add further colour to the scenery

 Hand made seal skin boots - an inuit work of art

Life style has changed a lot - this is modern Greenland

The main trade in the settlement is fishing and hunting, with a fish factory being the principal employer in the settlement.

The village is served by the communal all-purpose Pilersuisoq store.

Angaju Ittuk, a ferry for maritime connections between settlements.

Royal Arctic Line ferries provides weekly ferry services to coastal towns in southwestern and southern Greenland.

The midnight sun, an yearly celebration.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Colin Davis, Nimrod

For many years I´ve been listening to great music directed by Sir Colin Davis (1927-2013) with the London Symphony Orchestra. I want to thank him here, he gave me some moments of happiness and wonder. His art was like an Ultima Thule I wished to reach. Thank you, Sir.

Elgar, Nimrod