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Viðareiði, Viðoy - Faröe village closest to the arctic

Viðareiði , literally Wood-Isthmus, is the northernmost settlement in the Faröe Islands and lies on the Island of  Viðoy, on an isthmus with high mountains to both the north and south.

Location:  62°21′N,  6°32′W
4 degrees (640 km) south of the Arctic Circle.

The community is linked overland by a dam and a tunnel system to the second largest town in the Faröe  -  Klaksvík on Borðoy island.

The road to Viðareiði goes along the west coast of Viðoy, through the town, and then along the island's east coast to the Enniberg cape, through Miðdalur Valley with its typical small waterfall.  


Looking to the west from Viðareiði, a view of the northern peaks of Borðoy and Kunoy. 

To the south of the town, the 751 meters high cone-shaped mountain of Malinsfjall can be seen in good weather.

The village is famously known for its beautiful location, at the southern foot of the nearby Villingadalsfjall (844 m).

Viðareiði is surely one of the most beautiful villages of the Faröe Islands.

The nature is overwhelming and the peacefulness stirring. But in a great tempest, the sea can rise up to the village: 

In spite of its modest population of around 350 inhabitants, Viðareiði includes a small store and also the Hotel Norð with its restaurant.

The multifunctional store also serves as library, post office, Café and tourist information.

The current church was built in 1892. 

The church silver is a gift from the British government, thanking the village's citizens for the rescue of the Brig Marwood, which was shiprecked near Viðareiði during a winter storm in 1847.


The main feature is the church's rectory. 

In late 17th century a storm ruined the church in Viðareiði and parts of the cemetery washed away into the sea. 

The manse of Viðareiði, Ónagerð, is one of the most beautiful in the Faroe Islands.

The island of Viðoy has another small settlement - the fishing village of Hvannasund

Coordinates 62°17′N, 6°30′W
Pop. ~280


The post boat arrives at Hvannasund

The north coast is marked by Cape Enniberg:
Cape Enniberg, with an altitude of 754 metres, the highest sea-cliff in Europe. 

The view from Enniberg is simply breathtaking.

This is  the northernmost point of the Faroe Islands.


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