Sunday, 16 February 2014

Paradise Bay, a stunning historic harbour in Antarctica

Paradise Harbor, also known as Paradise Bay for its beauty, is a wide bay and natural harbor on the West Antarctic Peninsula.

The name was first applied by whalers operating in the vicinity and was in use by 1920.

Coordinates: 64° 52' S, 62° 53' W

Glaciated mountains and ice cliffs surround and protect the harbour, and together with the icebergs, they help to make for a breathtaking panorama.

When the glaciers aren't calving, the waters in the bay are quite calm, as is true in the spectacular Lemaire Channel, and they reflect the mountains and ice cliffs beautifully.

It is one of the harbours used for cruise ships to stop on the continent. More and more visitor ships stop for the views here.

Almirante Brown Antarctic Base

Argentina's 'Almirante Brown Antarctic Base' stands on the coast of the bay.

The base was built in 1950 by the Argentinian government. It was meant to house around 15 researchers. From 1964 until its destruction, it was used mainly for biological research.

The base has now been partially rebuilt from ruins, but is occupied only in the summer season.

The Argentinian base became a noted tourist attraction, and a port of call for antarctic cruises.