Friday, 17 June 2011

Vernadsky, the funniest antarctic station

This time, the extreme south:

Vernadsky Research Base is a Ukrainian Station at Marina Point on Galindez Island, in Antarctica.

Coordinates: 65°15'S, 64°16'W

The station consists of nine buildings standing on rock foundations. A 1961 extension at the east end of the hut provided living quarters for 15 people.

The base was established as "Faraday Station" by the British in 1947; later it moved to the present site on Galindez Island in May 1954.

Major alterations in 1980 updated the living and working accommodation.

A two-storey extension provides sleeping accommodation for 24 people.

Ukraine took over the operation of the base in February 1996.
The price was symbolic: just one pound !
The original coin now decorates the station lounge:

Akademik Vernadsky Station:

The Ukrainian Antarctic Center continues a programme of meteorology, upper atmospheric physics, geomagnetism, ozone, seismology, glaciology, ecology, biology and physiology research.

The discovery of the ozone hole was made at that very location.

Upstairs are a lounge, library, dining room, gift store and kitchen. The research team os granted some confort and space.

The docking building

The shop and visitor's center

Long course post from faraway...

Maybe the most southerly shop in the world.

A short video about Vernadsky base: